AJ Polonia

AJ Polonia’s work is based on a unique combination of street art and traditional media. Her work often features vivid colors, playful shapes, and a touch of humor that sets it apart from other street art. She is known for her distinctive style that combines freehand drawing, stenciling, and spray paint to create stunning works of art.

AJ Polonia’s art is inspired by a wide range of sources, including comic books, cartoons, and graffiti culture. Her work is often whimsical and playful, and she uses her art to communicate with others and create a positive impact on society.

AJ Polonia has exhibited her work in various art shows, galleries, and events throughout Germany and Europe. She has collaborated with other artists, musicians, and authors in their performances and has been featured in various media outlets. Her work has also been used for commercial purposes, such as advertising campaigns.

In addition to her street art, AJ Polonia has also produced a series of digital paintings, animated web-art, site-specific installations, and live performances in collaboration with Uli Sigg, forming the artist duo Catag.