experimental music and visual art



hosted by Moogulator

Concert: The Rorschach Garden

Live visuals: AJ Polonia

Start of broadcast: 20h CET

Location: 674fm Studios


The Rorschach Garden

The musical project of the talented artist Philipp Münch, The Rorschach Garden, has undergone an amazing musical development since its foundation in 1987. Started without a fixed style, the project has developed over the years into an important developed into an important representative of minimal synth pop music. In the 90’s, The Rorschach Garden anchored itself deeply in the emerging tape scene and developed its distinctive style.

Since the early 2000s, the project has been a direct member of the Ant-Zen label and has released several singles and CD albums. Today, Münch still releases digitally on Bandcamp and reissues old tapes in new form again on the market.

Live performances are an important part of the project, where Münch is is accompanied by his impressive groove box. The mix of modern and classic tunes he presents, offers the audience the bittersweet pleasure of his unique music.

The Rorschach Garden stands out with its artistic vision and distinctive style in the ever-growing world of electronic music, and is a shining example of how musical ideas can evolve and transform over time. The project has evolved from its humble beginnings to become an important representative of minimal synth pop music.


AJ Polonia

AJ Polonia is an artist who uses a unique combination of street art and traditional media, to create stunning works of art. With her distinctive combination of freehand drawings, stencils and spray paint, she has developed a style of her own, characterized by bright colors, playful shapes and a touch of humor.

Inspiration for AJ Polonia’s art comes from a variety of sources, including comic books, cartoons, and graffiti culture. AJ Polonia’s work has been featured in various art exhibitions, galleries, and events throughout Germany and Europe. She has also collaborated with other artists, musicians and writers to create impressive performances. Her work has been featured in various media and even used for commercial purposes such as advertising campaigns.

In addition to her street art, AJ Polonia has also created a series of digital paintings, animated web art, site-specific installations and live performances in collaboration with Uli Sigg.

Together, they form the artist duo Catag, creating artworks that blur the boundaries between traditional media and digital art.



Moogulator (formerly known as Consequence) is not only a writer and expert on synthesizer technology and music, but also a gifted live performer. He co-founded the live and film soundtrack group dAdA-iNN and has also performed solo on stage under the name Moogulator. With his mesmerizing sounds and beats, Moogulator manages to stand out from other performers in the genre. His live performances are anything but classic and create an atmosphere that excites the audience. With his flashing electronic instruments, each performance is different and everything is truly created live. In the process, you see nimble hands and a guy as if thousands of nano-robots were working inside him. Bleep! Pling! Britzel! Daredevil men like Gerd Fröbe at the britzeling boxes.

Moogulator was musically influenced in the 70’s and 80’s and is a self-taught musician with a side-entry piano, the first affordable computers and electronics. His musical repertoire includes art, film sound, Club and concert performances of various kinds from strictly composed to freely improvised. As the operator of a musician/synthesizer web community and magazine in paper, Moogulator is also a synthesizer specialist and likes to share his knowledge with others. He often plays with others to create his live dates with solo and collaborative performances. His ability to compose and perform music in a variety of ways is impressive and makes him an important contributor to the electronic music scene. With his passion for synthesizer technology and music, Moogulator has made an impressive career as a writer, performer and synthesizer specialist.

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Catag is AJ Polonia´s intense cooperation with Visual Artist Uli Sigg

Catag’s body of work is diverse and combines new technologies with traditional media such as painting, performance, and site-specific installation. Their work is based on digital paintings, animated web-art, site-specific installations, and live performances. They use street art and electronic art to create video productions, live VJ sets, audiovisual concerts, and installations that are unique and captivating.

Catag’s art seeks to contribute to changing life in cities and inspire viewers to open up to new possibilities. Their virtual graffiti and animations are condensed like signs, sometimes funny to whimsical, sometimes enigmatic, but always fleeting and eventful. They take virtual possession of urban spaces, using them for aesthetic guerrilla actions, and support other artists, musicians, and authors in their performances.